Our students have received two grand prizes from RATEM
08 Şubat 2019 15:39

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Radio and Television Broadcasters Association (RATEM) has organized the "10th Competition of Communication Ideas “. In the competition, two of our students have been awarded withfirst prizes.

In the award ceremony held in Istanbul, Oğuz Aktuna, working in the Department of Radio at the Faculty of Communication, has won the first place in the category of Radio. Anıl Sarıaslan, NeslihanSaygılı, RahmiDoğançay, KübraSonkaya and Ali HaydarTombak have been the winners in the category of Television.

Prof. Dr. ZakirAvşar as the Dean of the Faculty of Communication and the Lecturer Aylin Atik Seyide as Radio Coordinator of the Faculty have participated in the award ceremony.